About Us

Lou Grey established her business in the South of France.  She had been looking for something to wear in the evenings when the sun had gone down, something glamorous and exciting.  She found a product in cashmere which she fell in love with, whilst the material was perfect the design was not!

Lou Grey cashmere set about designing and sourcing a look that would be simple but stunning……. Later that year the ” Pampelonne” Poncho was born!

This product alone is a  must have item for all seasons! 100% Exclusive Cashmere Poncho…..elegant, very versatile and exceptionally stunning! small enough to slip into a handbag and big enough to keep you warm and stylish.

The ” Pampelonne” Poncho is so versatile.  The school runs, watching matches, winter, autumn and lazy summer evenings……. the poncho has it all! In a range of beautiful vibrant colours, the Pampelonne Poncho is unique, unlike any other item in your wardrobe. Each of the products are handmade using the very best Cashmere, from the undercoat of the cashmere goat – the 100% exclusive cashmere is so soft, warm and luxurious.

Lou Grey cashmere has now added more products to the range including pashminas, hats and silks.